Laurent and Linda Hodges

Photos of our home and yard over the years (PDF file)


Linda's Ukrainian Language, Culture and Travel Page

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BOOKS BY LAURENT HODGES (Ebook and paperback available at

Books by Laurent Hodges

Baseball's Historic Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Crazy
The Boston Red Sox and Their Twelve World Series
Bye, Bye Billy Goat (the Chicago Cubs' 2016 World Championship season)
The Joy of Numbers: The Lexicon of Interesting Integers
The Word Play Dictionary
World War I Letters From an American Soldier in France

Fall 2017 course on Mitochondrial Eve and y-Chromsomal Adam (pdf filee)

WE ARE ALL RELATED (PDF File about everyone's two common ancestors)

Laurent Hodges' Home Page at Iowa State University

The Tree of Jesse - Genealogy of Jesse Hodges (1754-1842) of Virginia and Tennessee (under construction)

The Lamar Class of 1957 home page

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