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A Bit About Me

As a child I was fascinated by my mother's stories of her childhood in a village in western Ukraine. She never expected to see her native land become free and independent in her lifetime, and neither did I anticipate the ease with which I would travel to this distant country to meet and become involved in the lives of my aunt, her six children and their families.

I live in Iowa, a state whose people are interested in making friends around the world. Among our eight sister states relationships is a partnership with the Cherkasy oblast in central Ukraine. Iowa and Cherkasy have initiated a number of educational, medical, business, and cultural exchanges and projects. Enthusiasm is high on both sides, and the relationship grows stronger.

Professionally, I'm a free-lance writer and journalist with a specialty in food and travel-related topics. I've co-authored a book on Ukraine, Hippocrene Language and Travel Guide to Ukraine, Linda Hodges and George Chumak, Hippocrene Books, New York 1994, (second edition 1996, third, 2000, fourth, 2004, and fifth edition, 2011). This combination guidebook-phrasebook reflects my philosophy that visitors to Ukraine will gain more from the experience if they have an appreciation of the country's history, culture and language, as well as an orientation to the wonderful tourist attractions they'll discover. And that's been my philosophy in putting together this web site.

About the Web Site

As one of the original members of the Ukrainian Topic on PRODIGY's Foreign Language Bulletin Board, I discovered the pleasure of getting acquainted with others who share my interest in Ukraine. The original purpose of this web site, which began in November 1995, was to answer the frequently asked questions that came up on the bulletin board. Over the years it's been gratifying to find an increasing number of interesting links to web sites in Ukraine.

I welcome and reply to e-mail. Please note that I'm an author and webmaster, and not in the travel business. If you need help in arranging a trip, contact one of the travel services listed.

If you have a question about Ukraine that you don't find answered in my large site and its links, I'd be happy to try to answer or direct you to a more knowledgeable source than myself.

And please try to make your question specific rather than open-ended. For example, it's difficult to reply to "I have to write a report on Ukraine. What can you tell me about the history and culture?"

Enjoy browsing, and may Ukraine be in your travel plans!

Linda Hodges,
Ames, Iowa

Here I am at the Women's Center in Cherkasy. Another photo, taken in Kyiv in 1995.

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Do Pobachennya.

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