Genealogy and Lost Relative Searches

Agencies Tracing Roots and/or Relatives in Ukraine

This list is provided as a service, and inclusion is not necessarily an endorsement. Check with individual agencies for exact genealogical services they provide and the rates they charge.

Can Steppe Connections
contact Larry Yanchynski
292 Seven Oaks Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2V 0L1
Tel. 204/334-1425

This Canadian-based company conducts genealogical research or searches for lost relatives or friends in Ukraine and southeast Poland. It provides translation of documents written in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Latin, and Old Slavonic.

East Europe Connection
contact Laurence Krupnak
1711 Corwin Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Laurence Krupnak is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. His company researches genealogy or conducts relative searches throughout Eastern Europe for both Christian and Jewish clients.

Family Research Foundation
contact Allan Mallenbaum
P.O. Box 24
Plainview, New York 11803-0024
Tel. 516/349-0425; E-mail:

A not-for-profit organization that assists Jews or ethnic Ukrainians to find their roots. Provides free information for those initiating a search as well as sponsoring an annual tour in which participants go off to individual towns to search for family traces; includes visits to archives.

RJ'S Tours Limited
11708 - 135 A Street
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5M 1L5
Tel. 780/415-5633; Fax 780/415-5639

Routes to Roots
contact Miriam Weiner
136 Sandpiper Key
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094-2210
Tel. 201/866-4075
Fax. 201/864-9222

Routes to Roots genealogist Miriam Weiner has offices in both Ukraine and Poland. Specializing in Jewish genealogical research of the archives of Eastern Europe, she visits and documents her clients' ancestral towns or arranges customized tours for them and their families to their ancestral towns and villages. Check out her online Routes to Roots Foundation East European Archivial Datebase which provides a wealth of information about the archives of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Moldova. The website includes town-by-town inventories of a wide range of archivial documents listed in her two detailed books, Jewish Roots in Poland and Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova, which is out of print. The website is continually updated, augmenting the material in the books.

Travel Ukraine Agency, Pvt.
contact Alexander Denisenko
Ukraine Lviv 290005, Dragomanova 38/9
Phone: (011-38) 0322/72-1347
Fax: (011-38) 0322/33-5342

Based in Lviv in western Ukraine, TUA conducts relative searches, archival research on behalf of clients or arranges trips to ancestral towns in Ukraine for those seeking Jewish or Ukrainian roots. Special knowledge of Jewish settlements and history in Central Europe.

P.O. Box 10450
Kharkiv 231002 Ukraine
Tel. or Fax. (011-38) 0572/47-9169

Based in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, this small private travel service conducts relative searches throughout Ukraine and in neighboring countries. Works with all ethnic groups. Handles all arrangements for westerners to travel to Ukraine to meet relatives.

Tomkins Travel
12715 97th Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5E 4C1
Tel. 403-473-0590

Works with all ethnic groups. Arranges group or individual tours to Ukraine. Conducts archival research on behalf of clients and searches for living relatives.

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