Issued in December 2001 is a series of stamps, "Folk Costumes," which shows native costumes in several different regions of the country while depicting specific folk customs or church holy days.

This first set shows costumes of the greater Poltava area. The stamp on the left, Vodokhrysche, shows the blessing of the waters, which takes place on the church holy day called Jordan. On the right is Ivana Kupala, an ancient midsummer's festival that takes place on St. John's day.

These costumes are from the Kyiv region. The stamp on the left illustrates Zeleni Sviata or Pentecost, while that on the right depicts Svyata Rizdvyani or Christmas.

The final set of stamps shows costumes in the Chernihiv area. The stamp on the left, Troyesti Muzyky or the music trio, shows the basic performing group consisting of a string instrument, a woodwind and a percussion. On the right is Narechnyy and Narechna, a man and women who have just experienced a betrothal ceremony.